Keep up and you will be kept up

Wowzers!! I have been so behind on my blogging love it's just not even funny!  Life has been overwhelming in all kinds of ways...from high high's to low low's.  Of course, it's ultimately all beautiful because I am here, alive and thriving despite it all.  This past week, I've been feeling very sorry for myself as I lay in bed feeling like hammered Shite with a bad cold.  I couldn't remember how it felt to be well.  And today, as I embark on the up and up's from the sickies, it's like the sun is coming out again.  All of a sudden, I am forgetting what it's like to feel sick!  Mindset is such a powerful thing.  There's this quote that I love: "Whether you think you can, or you think you can''re right."  And that leads me to the title of this post.  I have an ultra inspiring Kundalini Yoga teacher named Siri Marka who sends out a quote of the day by Yogi Bhajan every single morning without fail...sometimes at 1:30 or 2 am.  And I think to myself, this is a man with ultimate dedication.  If only I could have that level of commitment.  I'm sure he sends his quotes out even on his sickest days.  And he is supported by the universe in his efforts.  Because if you keep up with the Flow of Life, you will be kept up by the Flow of Life.  It really is that simple.  It's just about matching and maintaining energies.  This has been a bit difficult for me as of late and something I strive to work on in 2016.  I want to make a commitment to Live Out Loud, get back into Improv and all the other joy-filled activities (like Salsa dancing) that light me up so much, travel, and generally laugh & play as much as possible.  I also would like to continue nutrition consulting because I LOVE witnessing people's transformation.  It is such a beautiful thing!  I find it very interesting that the cancer resides in my abdomen at my 3rd chakra where the human talent of commitment resides.  That's where I need to clean up my act.  And also, I'd like to stop being such a perfectionist and just write from my heart in this beautiful space of a blog.  Sat Nam and I love you. 

Blissful Zero