Vedic Meditation

  Last week I completed a four day Vedic Meditation course with Light Watkins in Santa Monica.  It was absolutely transformative and the deep states of rest I'm already starting to experience are truly astounding.  Vedic Meditation is 20 minutes twice a day using a specific mantra that is assigned to you based on many personal factors.  This mantra has a very relaxing, charming effect on the brain as you repeat it silently to yourself.  It feels like you've just had the best nap ever.  And this is actually true since meditation is said to be 8 times more restful than sleep.  It also is its very own state of consciousness alongside wakefulness, sleeping, and dreaming.  In this consciousness I have experienced the sheer Bliss of the de-excited mind.  I believe Vedic Meditation is a very powerful tool to anyone who wants to put themselves into a state of pure relaxation while at the same time elevating consciousness.  I'm so very grateful to add this practice to my Bliss repertoire :)

Blissful Zero