Zig Zag

  I stole the term "Zig-Zag" from Tony Robbin's wife recently when she used this term to describe her food philosophy.  She went out on her first date with Tony Robbins and he was expecting her to order super healthy food because she was an acupuncturist and into the healing arts.  But instead, she ordered a massive chocolate ice cream sundae.  He was shocked and questioned her about it.  In response, she said you gotta zig a little and you gotta zag a little.  Basically, you've got to live a little and color outside the lines from time to time.  Healthy most of the time.  Ice cream sundaes some of the time.  Full acceptance of these two dualities ALL of the time.  For some reason, this really stuck with me.  When I was first diagnosed "terminal" in January of 2015 and given 3-6 months to live, all I wanted to do was "zag" nutritionally speaking.  Goldfish crackers, Ramen noodles, processed cheeses and meats, ice cream, fruit by the foot, Red Vines, super sugary cereals, and the occasional orange or green thing once in a blue moon pretty much summed up my diet.  As a holistic health and nutrition freak, this diet is absolutely CRAZY.  Way to shorten your time here on Earth even more Nicole and make yourself feel physically miserable in the process.  But, I craved comfort so much and felt so sorry for myself that I couldn't help it.  Now that I'm 10 plus months into my survival, I've managed to find more balance in my zigging and zagging.  I recently did a little too much zigging by going a little too fanatical with the healthy eating and supplements to the point where I started to experience cancer die-off symptoms hat were more than my body could handle.  And so I reeled it in a little, and now I have a nice balance of whole, healthy foods as well as a few treats that are still healthy within reason.  So, thank you Sage Robbins for my adventures in Zig-Zagging.

Blissful Zero