The Filmmakers


Director / producer

Joe Gasparik

Joe Gasparik is a producer, director, editor and composer with over 16 years of experience in both film and television. With his company, Media Bird, Joe’s focus is on producing relevant and emotionally compelling films, television series and web based content that inspire and connect with people across the world. 


Director / producer

Emma Fazzuoli

Emma Fazzuoli will be making her directorial debut on Blissful at Zero. Coming from a background on the stage as a professional ballet dancer, and actor, Emma has trained and performed with institutions such as the School of American Ballet in New York City, New York City Ballet, Ballet Arizona, the Stella Adler Studio, and the Groundlings theatre. Emma strives to bring a well rounded understanding of both storytelling and human nature to all of her work. She looks forward to continue telling intimate personal stories through the medium of film. 

Cinematographer / producer

Aaron Landman

Aaron Landman is a cinematographer, editor, and producer. His passion for visual storytelling led him to the American Film Institute in Los Angeles, where he earned his MFA in Cinematography. Aaron is a co-founder of Media Bird and has collaborated with OWN, TimeWarner, Dodge, and El Jefe Tequila. 

Cinematographer / producer

Adam Hutsell

Adam Hutsell is a cinematographer, photographer, and actor from the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. Initially stepping behind the camera after moving to New York City, he found himself drawn to capture the untold stories of the city streets. Making his debut as a cinematographer, he hopes to aid in giving a voice to those able to teach us something about ourselves and the world surrounding us.